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64 diecut icons,

28 diecut planner dots,

44 planner words.

Printed on paper. 

Color stickers to

match color scheme.

Packaged Only: 

$1.50 each, $18.00/dozen

Minimum:  12 pieces


Perfect for Planners!



48030 Planner Sticker Icon
12" x 2 1/2" Border Stickers.  7 little borders per sticker measuring 1/8" and 1/4".  10 designs.  Packaged only. 
1 per package.  $1.25 each, $15.00/dozen.
Minimum:  6 packages
26001 Red/Black/Yellow
26027 Summer
26051 Black/White
26063 Blue/White
26031 Halloween/Fall
26011 Red/White/Blue
26050 Red/White
26062 Silver/White
26064 Pink/White
26025 Christmas
5 1/2" x 2 1/2" Tiny Stickers.  40 individual stickers per sheet measuring 7/16" each.  6 designs.  
Packaged only.  2 per package
$1.25 each, $15.00/dozen.
Minimum:  6 per design
12052 Happy Face
12005 Assorted Sports Balls
12051 Pastel Assortment
12017 Soccer Balls
12050 Primary Assortment
12011 Beach Balls
A great way to start a planner section in your store!

Page Title

Planner Essential Starter Kit #48031



Planner Starter Kit includes 6 each:

Planner Icon Sticker

Calendar Companion

Small Months Snappy and Sleek

Small Calendar Numbers


And 3 each:

Monthly Memories Jan-Dec.,

Mini Calendars 2016 Deco and Standard

Year of Memories 2016

FreeStyle Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

Live Life Year of Memories

Little Borders Black, Red, Red/Black/Yellow,

12” Borders Bright and Pastel

Sticker Stitches Black and Valentines

Planner Calendar 6” x 6”,

1 each of all Le Pen in 10, 6 and 4 sets 

1 each of the 3 new Planner Stamps.



Enjoy some Planner Sticker Fun!
Planner Page from Annette Allen using lots of SRM Stickers and
Planner Notes to Self stamps.  Stamps used: Planner Icon Sticker,
Small Sticker Numbers, Express Yourself Valentines, Tiny Stickers Pastel Assortment and Valentine Border.
Planner Pages from Angi Barrs using lots of SRM Stickers including Planner Icon Sticker, Tiny Stickers Pastel Assortment, 2016 Year of Memories, Valentine Border and Sticker Stitches.
Planner Pages from Christine Meyer using lots of SRM Stickers including Winter FreeStyle, Silver Little Borders, Sticker Stitches and Calendar Companion.
Planner Pages from Shannon Morgan using lots of SRM Stickers including Little Borders, Planner Icon Sticker and Tiny Stickers.  Love all the delicious colors of Le Pen that she used too!
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